Carlett Martin

Carlett Martin is a professional international inspirational singer as well as an advocate of domestic violence.

Carlett Martin has always strived to demonstrate sincerity and a deep conviction in her work. She doesn’t come across as preaching to her audience but more so as welcoming them. Carlett Martin has an effective method of basing her message on the authenticity of her heart. “The Carlett Martin Show: Your Inspirational Guide to Success” is built around the people and what inspires them spiritually, mentally and physically. The show will consist of a series of Interviews, tour bus confessions, and a genesis booth and much more.

Songwriter Carlett Martin, whose spanking brand new CD, Unbreakable, reveals her triumphant victory in the battle against abuse. Martin, who is a celebrated songwriter as well as vocal coach, was once a victim of spousal abuse.

Today, she stands strong with an unbreakable spirit, which she so eloquently testifies to in her debut on Gospel Rhythm Music.

Set to appropriately debut on Mother’s Day, Unbreakable will be previewed with a glorious single that features several of R&B’s most endearing singers. site by Eddie B

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